Gamma-Ray Astronomy
An overview of gamma-ray astronomy from active galactic nuclei to x-ray novae 
MPE : Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Home Research Gamma-Ray Astronomy: Members Research Highlights Related Sites COMPTEL EGRET INTEGRAL Astronomy Resources last update:1999-07-19 by Beatriz Sanchez bas@mpe.mpg.de Gamma-Ray Astronomy at MPE The Gamma-Ray astromomy group of MPE consists of 
Basic Gamma-ray Astronomy
Level 1 topics include: History of Gamma-Ray Astronomy Gamma-Ray Astronomy Observing Platforms Targets of Gamma-Ray Astronomy Observations Level 2 topics include: The History of Gamma-Ray Astronomy ... 
Gamma-Ray Astronomy Image Gallery
Gamma-Ray Astronomy Image Gallery Sources of Celestial Gamma Rays: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) The Galactic Anticenter Stellar-Mass Black Holes Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) Gamma-Ray Pulsars Gamma-Ray Sky Maps Soft Gamma Repeaters (SGRs) Supernova... 
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Gamma-ray Astronomy Group
Gamma-ray Astronomy Group Department of Physics, NUI, Galway What do we do? What are TeV gamma rays? Why search for TeV gamma-ray sources? How do we detect TeV gamma rays? VERITAS - the next generation gamma-ray telescope Group Members Links 
Gamma-ray Astronomy Programs Working Group
Gamma-Ray Astronomy Programs Working Group GRAPWG Home The GRAPWG report is being updated. Check out the pdf file for the current revisions here To see the GRAPWG gamma-ray astronomy roadmap which is part of the executive summary, go here A brief... 
Gamma-ray astronomy
Gamma-ray astronomy. Underlined words are links to a glossary (opened in a new window) allowing you to obtain complementary information. A page with... 
Astronomy: Gamma Ray Burst 012399
Last February 8-9, Hubble's spectrograph provided an image of the point of origin of January 23rd's mysterious gamma burst. Despite the telescope's... 
The Cosmic Gamma Ray Burst Web Page
All about BATSE and Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts 
Gamma Ray and its Applications in Astronomy
Gamma Radiation and Its Applications in Astronomy. A Study by Andrew LaForge and Michael Ballou. Sombrero Galaxy in the Virgo Constellation-M104.... 
High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory
Areas of research include gamma and x-ray astronomy and theoretical studies. View job openings or link to related sites and learning centers. 
Gamma-Ray Astronomy, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled "Gamma-Ray Astrono
Gamma-Ray Astronomy , field of astronomy involving the observation of gamma rays from space. Gamma rays are a very-high-energy form of... 
Non-Solar X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Non-Solar X- and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Gamma Ray Astrophysics at Marshall Space Flight Center
The Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Branch of the Space Sciences Laboratory at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center welcomes you to its home page. Our group is actively involved in several ... 
Gamma-Ray Astronomy
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Gamma Ray Group
University of Durham Welcome to the homepage of the Very High Energy (VHE) Gamma Ray Astronomy Group based at the University of Durham, UK. The group researches into the sources of gamma rays coming from objects far out in space such as neutron stars, white dwarfs, pulsars, X-ray binary systems, supernova remnants and active galactic nuclei. 
gamma-ray astronomy
Gamma-Ray Astronomy Image Gallery
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Cerenkov Gamma-Ray Astronomy at the White Mountain Observatory
Cerenkov Gamma-Ray Astronomy at the White Mountain Observatory At an elevation of 3,886 m (12,750 ft.), we expect that excellent Cerenkov Gamma-Ray Astronomy can be done from the Barcroft Plateau. The 18' dome at the left could initially be used as. 
Gamma-Ray Astronomy
NRC Research Associateship Programs George C Marshall Space Flight Center Gamma-Ray Astronomy RO#: CITY: Huntsville STATE: AL 35812 ADVISER: Fishman, Gerald J. (205)544-7691 ADVISER: Meegan, Charles Anthony (205)544-7694 ADVISER: Wilson. 
The HEGRA experiment was constructed for investigations of cosmic rays (seen as extended air showers) at energies too high to be detectable by small satellite experiments. The HEGRA detector is sensitive in the energy ... 
gamma-ray astronomy
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Great Debates in Astronomy
Following in the footsteps of the famous April 1920 'Great Debate' between Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis, this series of debates among leaders in the astronomical community highlight major quests in astronomy and astrophysics in an open forum at the turn of the millennium. 
What is Gamma-Ray Astronomy?
Traditional astronomy makes use of light in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our sun, and most 'normal' stars, emit the majority of their light in these familiar 
Astronomy Now 4; Breaking News 4; Gamma-ray bursts light the way to the early ...
Posted: November 23, 1999 Computer-generated impression of a gamma-ray burst triggered by a hypernova. Image: NASA/GSFC. NASA ... 
Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts and Nuclear Gamma-Ray Line Astronomy CITY: Greenbelt STATE: MD 20771 ADVISER: Cline, Thomas L (301)286-8375 ADVISER: Teegarden, Bonnard John (301)286-5277 KEYWORD: Gamma-ray astronomy, Gamma-ray bursts, ... 
Caltech Space Radiation Laboratory - Home Page
California Institute of Technology Cosmic Ray Physics and Astrophysics Satellite Experiments PET and MAST instruments High Altitude Balloon-Borne Experiments 
Gamma Ray Astronomy
JOHN V. AKKARAKARAN * According to Indian Mythology, Brahma is the creator of all things; # and Vishnu is the supreme Lord of the Universe Introduction The gamma ray sky makes an 
MPE : Gamma-Ray Astronomy - INTEGRAL
Home Gamma-Ray Astronomy Members Research Highlights Related Sites INTEGRAL Members COMPTEL EGRET Gamma-DV Astronomy Resources last update:1998-04-01 by Beatriz Sanchez bas@mpe.mpg.de Gamma-Ray Astronomy at MPE - INTEGRAL - The INTEGRAL Project is the 
Gamma-ray Astronomy: Quiz
Gamma-ray Astronomy Quiz Which of the following processes result in gamma-ray emission? [A] Cosmic ray interactions with interstellar gas [B] Supernova explosions [C] Interaction of energetic electrons with magnetic fields [D] All of the above The.. 
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Gamma Ray Astronomy
Welcome to the Home Page of. Narayana P. Bhat. Address: High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics Group. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Homi Bhabha... 
Gamma Ray Astronomy
Gamma Ray Bursts. The Everest - seemingly unassailable. Discovered in 1967 by the Vela Satellites this cosmic fireworks is not understood even today.... 
Calibration of Drift Chamber Detectors for the Advanced Gamma-ray Astronomy
[F08.10] Telescope Experiment J.A. Esposito, B.L. Dingus, R. Mukherjee (USRA/GSFC),D.L. Bertsch, R. Cuddapah, C.E. Fichtel, S.D. Hunter, R.C. Hartman, D.T. Thompson (NASA/GSFC) The design 
New gamma-ray telescope design can look at violent universe
NASA Web site featuring headlines on recent astronomy research at Marshall Space Flight Center. Read about developments in auroras, the sun, and deep space. New headlines appear every few days. 
APOD Glossary
Astronomy Picture of the Day Glossary Cepheid: A pulsating variable star. This type of star undergoes a rhythmic pulsation as indicated by its regular pattern of changing brightness as a function of time.